Gary's Gun Smith Shop

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Fringed Gun Case / cover


Made from quality leather. Machine stitched seams, with fringe; end closure folds over and lace wrap to tie over gun butt. 

Available in various colors.

Choose from two lengths 48" and 60"

Wool Gun Case/ Cover


Made from quality wool, flower ribbon trim and leather fringe embellishment at end. Machine stitched seams. Available in various colors.

Length 48" and 60"

Wool Leather Gun Case /Cover


Quality wool fabric with machine stitched seams. Trim in deer leather boot base, entrance trim, fringe and middle insert. Embellished with simple flower detail.

Various colors to choose from. Length 48" and 60"

Leather Gun case / Cover with red leather   trim


 Made from quality leather and extra fringe plus red leather embellishment. Machine stitched seams.  No lace closure.

Various colors to choose from. Length 48"and 60"

Indian Blanket Gun Case / Cover


Quality created with Indian blanket outside and water proof liner. Leather boot base and entrance opening plus lace. Machine stitched seams.

Various color choices.  Length 48" and 60"