Ladies Fancy Dress

Beautiful bucktan dresses with various details or fringe. Call for us to create one for you!

Bucktan Jacket

and Pants

Made with machine stitched seams for strength and reinforcement. Jacket has hand stitched imitation sinew yoke, front edge and leather buttons. Includes fringed yoke on the front and back of jacket. Pants have hand stitched top edge, belt loop and leather buttons. Pants can include fringe on the belt loops and around the knee (or on the side of the knee down).

Rough cut hem line only.

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Bucktan Warshirt

Made with machine stitched seams for reinforcement and strength. Has fringe details along the top of the sleeves and around the bib area. The side area has adjustable lace and beads.

Ladies Tops, Skirt and Dress

Made with machine stitched seams for strength and reinforcement with a hand stitched imitation sinew yoke. The dress has a beaded neckline area. Rough cut hem line only. ​

We have a great selection of time period clothing. We have women's chemises, skirts and vests made from cotton. We also have children's shirts, pants and men's pants made from cotton. 

We also make men's frontier style shirts, jackets, pants, warshirts, women's dresses, tops and skirts from deer leather. Contact our knowledgeable staff for more information on ordering and sizing.

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